Friday, July 20, 2007

Vienna Medical Association Issues Strict Warnings Against Cell Phone Dangers


Radiation of cellular telephones is not danger free, as the cellular companies claim at present.

Therefore, the Doctors Chamber of Vienna has taken a responsible decision to make the public aware of the possibility of negative influences of cellular radiation, from a medical point of view.


• In principle, telephone calls should be as few and as brief as possible. It is recommended that children and youth abstain from conducting cellular telephone calls!

• The cellular telephone should not be held near the head while sending out the call!

• Cellular telephones should not be used in vehicles (cars, buses, trains) – the radiation there is higher!

• While sending SMS messages the cellular telephone should be held as far away as possible from the body!

• During a cellular telephone conversation a distance of several meters should be kept from other people – the radiation is harmful to them as well!

• No on-line games (GPRS) should be played on the cellular telephone!

• Wired speaker telephones are dubious – the wire conducts the radiation!

• LAN or UMTS wireless speaker telephones create a high radiation load!

• Cellular telephones should not be kept in trousers pockets – the radiation may harm masculine fertility!

• Cellular telephones should be turned off during the night and, they should be kept away from the sleeping area!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Radiation levels not considered

Is it at all possible that radiation levels were not covered in the recently publicised study of Cell Masts by the Trinidad & Tobago Telecommunication Authority?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Safety report FLAWED

It is well known in many circles that current standards used by various agencies to measure the radiation threat to health by Mobile/Cell Phone masts are flawed. Yet the Telecommunication Authority of Trinidad & Tobago has employed that flawed standard in their recently concluded study reaching a conclusion that the eight hundred masts erected across the country to be safe.
Why the resistance to the truth,,, whose interest does this serve?
As a service to readers here is a link to the facts as they stand. pass on the Message... CELL /MOBILE MASTS are not safe-RADIATION KILLS!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fifty illegal Cell Towers to be dismantled!

Planning and Development Minister Camille Robinson Regis said more than 50 enforcement notices have been issued for the removal of illegal cell towers nationwide but these notices have been appealed by the telecommunication companies responsible for the sites.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CELL MASTS an Elections Issue

Trinidad & Tobago Government's Minister of Planning & Development has indicated her government's intention to take action against Cell Masts erected illegally by (MOBILE /CELL PHONE )Telecommunication companies.

With General Elections expected to be declared shortly, this is a direct response to public disquiet due to apparent inaction over illegal towers contrasted with officially sanctioned demolishing of "squatters" homes in several urban and rural areas.

She was speaking at the media launch of the U.N.F.P.A.’s State of World Population 2007 Report in Port of Spain. Meanwhile meetings are taking place across the country alerting communities to the dangers of Cell Masts.

Monday, July 09, 2007

a bolt of lightning-

Last week, two schoolgirls [teens] were coming out of a school at Wolverstone near Ipswich in UK, during a thunderstorm. They were both using umbrellas with metal frames and were both struck by lightening. Only the fact that their shoes had rubber soles saved them from death.
One of them had her mobile phone in her hand, the lightening melted it causing it to stick to her hand and she is severely burned. She bit through her tongue and has had to have extensive surgery in her mouth.