Monday, February 12, 2007

Satellite dishes and EM pollution

...."chemically sensitive individuals are almost always electrosensitive, whether they are aware of it or not. Such individuals may demonstrate greater irritability or hyperactivity when exposed to even very low electric field intensities."

"Satellite dishes, by the very nature of their parabolic magnification design and their antenna function, capture and focus almost any electromagnetic emission within line of sight and then dump this broadband spectrum field directly underneath. If the satellite embraces an electric distribution line, for example, this powerfrequency will be focused directly below, sometimes with a 10-fold magnification. It is not a good idea to occupy such a location for extended periods of time."

"Schools tend to be extended in size, necessitating linearity in the wiring configuration. This means that wires of considerable amperage are often extended within classrooms, often diagonally. Thus a child’s seat, located directly above such a cable can have a field as high as 9mG while two partners away can have a field of under 1mG. Such a child may be rebuked and punished for learning incompetence and even medicated for hyperactivity when the fault lies with the building’s designers and electricians who have not been trained to understand the consequences of their installation practices!"

..."electromagnetic field levels since it is well known that certain diseases worsen in the presence of power frequency magnetic field levels higher than 1mG and that genes can change their expression starting at this intensity. A number of drugs interact with low-level radiofrequency fields, causing unsafe synergisms."


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