Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bavarian Government bans WLAN in schools

Bavarian Parliament recommends not to use WLAN

The Bavarian Parliament issued a recommendation to all schools in the Land
to not install wireless LAN networks.

The Committee for Education appealed to schools to use cabled networks.

This recommendation was based on evidence provided during a hearing in
Parliament with regard to mobile phone/wireless technology, which stated
that children should not be exposed to radiation form WLAN. Members of all
parties stressed that it was important to avoid potential damage in such an
early phase of life.

The final decision whether to install WLAN or not remains with the bearer of
the cost for such infrastructure {translatorĀ¹s note: the schools themselves}
in the Land.

The Federal Radiation Protection Agency had taken part in the parliamentary
hearing and represented the point of view that children should not be
exposed to unnecessary radiation at school.


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